Romeo Y Julieta Romeo No. 2 Tubos Cigar


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The Romeo y Julieta No.2 is a smooth medium-bodied Petit Corona, 5′ 1″ (129mm) long, of 42 ring gauge, and comes in aluminum tubes in a 25 cigars box. It similar to the Petit Coronas from the same brand, and full of flavors. It has obviously some familiarity with the other Marevas from Romeo y Julieta. It reveals some earthy, woody aromas, and also a good amount of leather and some hints of spice on the tongue. The construction is wonderful, it is a beautiful hand rolled stogie, and the packaging, the magnificent aluminum tube, makes it a cigar that every cigar enthusiast should have in his humidor.

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  • Woody aroma

  • Construction is wonderful

  • Magnificent aluminum tube


  • Ring Gauge 42
    Length 5′ 1″
    Strength Medium
    Duration 40 – 60 Mins



  • The cigar has a beautiful construction, an almost perfect wrapper. It has a nice even color,excellent cigar for its price. It is a perfect morning cigar, for a short break, thanks to its smooth flavor and its medium body. Also its beautiful tube is a keepsake for any aficionado, which makes this cigar a nice gift.


Developed in 1875 by Inocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia, this brand immediately showed its quality by winning gold medals in four universal expositions between 1885 and 1900. But it really took off after its acquisition in 1903 by Jose Rodriguez Fernandez, known as “Pepin.” Named for the lovers in William Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name (written circa 1596), the brand also is traditionally credited with the introduction of the “Churchill” shape in honour of the British statesman Winston Churchill (note the name of the factory shape for this size: the “Julieta 2.”). Fernandez promoted his brand with endless energy and at one time, his Rodriguez, Arguelles y Cia. factory produced upward of 2,000 different cigar bands, personalized for their very best customers. Fernandez died at age 88 in 1954, but his efforts survive him as his full-flavoured Romeo y Julieta brand is one of the most widely known and appreciated in the world today.


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