Vegueros Tapados Cigar

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  • Vegueros
  • The Vegueros Tapados Cigar gives you a taste of Cuba – no matter where you are!
  • The Cuban cigar features a Mareva Gruesa vitola – measuring at 120mm by a 46 ring gauge.
  • The medium to full-bodied filler leaves are dressed in this warm tan wrapper, soft and oily to the touch it promises to be the most fantastic cigar.

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  • This is a cigar with bountiful smoke and flavour with an aroma of fresh tobacco.  Available in tins of 16 cigars.  Vitola is a Corona Extra



  • Ring Gauge 46
    Length4 3/4″
    StrengthMedium to Full
    Duration30 – 40 Mins



  • Great to see the Vegueros brand back with some great cigars. The box is a great looking metal tin, making it different to most other brands. Regarding taste, expect a spicy and earthy mix, quite young still also so some raw tobacco taste is very much left tinging on your palate!


The Fransico Donatièn Factory in Pinar del Rio was formerly a prison, a hospital and then , finally, a cigar factory. In 1961 the factory started to produce cigars for domestic consumption, banquets and public activities. These cigars were popularly known as “Vegueros”. Vegueros are the people who tend to the tobacco fields. In 1997 Habanos S.A. started to export Vegueros around the world. The Fransico Donatièn Factory was one of the first cigar factories to have tourists visit in Cuba. Vegueros cigars are not generally known by amateur smokers, this is because these cigars are middle of the range no thrills cigars. These were originally cigars made for the people by the people and not aimed at the international market. Not much has changed, I would still describe Vegueros cigars as the ‘everyman’ cigar that it started out as. However, these are still ‘Cuban’ cigars and so are crafted in the most professional manner imaginable. I would say that they are good Cubans to introduce the novice to because of their fine construction, mild tobacco and finite balance.

Vegueros cigars are easily recognizable as they have a distinctive green and white cigar band. The distinctive taste of a Vegueros is mellow and herbaceous.

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