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  •  The Alec Bradley MAXX Nano cigar is a short premium smoke with big bold flavors! The blend consists of aged Colombian, Mexican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, a Costa Rican binder, and a dark, seamless Habano wrapper. With hearty notes of earth, licorice, sweet spice, and espresso, you’ll be taking your smoking experience to new heights of full-bodied goodness.
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STRENGTHMedium to Full
SIZE Petite Corona
Cigar Score91
BINDERCosta Rica
FILLERColombia, Mexico, Nicaragua
WRAPPER Nicaragua
Product Details Cigar

Mike’s Cigars brings you Alec Bradley Maxx! The Alec Bradley Maxx cigar was rated 91½ by the Cigar Aficionado magazine. The MAXX is an extraordinarily mature cigar. Coated with a dark Nicaraguan tobacco it is blended to include tobaccos from 4 Latin American nations: Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. The binder is a unique Costa Rican aromatic leaf and the cigar is a sweet medium to full-body, rich smooth and flavorful. The Alec Bradley Maxx cigar really ives up to its name! Light up any size of the Alec Bradley Maxx and get “full throttle” of maximum strength and flavor, every time. The Alec Bradley Maxx is full of power thanks to the super-rich tobacco and also the super size of the cigars. They are all big ring and massive, masculine cigars, oozing with powerful flavors of leather, earth, and cocoa. Best of all is the nicotine kick this cigar gives, which will definitely be a bit too much for most cigar smokers.and harmony. The cigar is then finished with a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper that’s the icing on the cake, providing extra smoothness and creaminess. The cigar delivers great balance without losing the flavor you demand without breaking the bank.


Summary Cigar

Alec Bradley MAXX The Nano (4.0″x 45) is a 91-rated premium cigar featuring Colombian, Mexican, and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. Championed by a Costa Rican binder and a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan wrapper, this highly-rated handmade delivers flavors of earth, oak, and nutmeg. Medium to full-bodied, Alec Bradley MAXX is a great option for those seeking a powerful cigar

About Brand CIgar

⊗ MAXX cigars were designed to deliver an eventful character that is balanced and far from overwhelming. Cloaked by a dark Nicaraguan maduro leaf, a complex, 4-country blend of tobaccos is bound by a tasty Co​sta Rican Binder. The complex cocktail of countries in this charmer includes: Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. The result is a medium to full-bodied blend that’s rich and smooth as silk from the get-go, but filled with toasty, earthy flavors and a natural sweetness on the lingering aftertaste.

⊗ Despite the wonderful array of flavors and aroma, what’s most striking about MAXX is the lineup of sizes. Each cigar within the line is quite large, maximizing flavor and strength inside a long, luxurious experience.

⊗ MAXX also received numerous 90+ ratings, including a well deserved ’91’ rating, stating: “It has a sweet wood flavor, with toast and spice notes, and it continues to improve as it’s puffed.”

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