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The first thing to be understood regarding bundle cigars from House of Horvath is that none of our bundles are factory seconds as so many bundled cigars tend to be. Every one of our bundles is made specifically for the value-conscious premium cigar segment. We strive constantly to provide the widest selection of cigars using both long and short fillers to give our customers an unmatched choice. We source our bundles from our world-class suppliers and given their prestige as cigar producers, you can be certain that bundles from House of Horvath conform strictly to their unforgiving standards of quality control. With bundles from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Philippines, and with body and strength profiles encompassing the full spectrum and range of the cigar palette among the House of Horvath bundles selection, there is something for every cigar consumer

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⊗ The thing that lingers with each drag of Punch London Club cigars is the evenness of the smoke and the consistency it maintains throughout the duration of the burn. The cigars have a filler created with Cuban seed tobaccos procured Honduras and Nicaragua region. This filler is held together with Connecticut Broadleaf binder that burns evenly allowing for a smooth draw and the Ecuadorian Sumatra-Seed wrapper keeps the flavors consistent and smooth. Another aspect that sets these cigars apart from their contemporaries is that they employ tobacco that has been aged 3 to 5 years and offers a quintessential smoking experience. 

Punch London Club cigars first originated in 1969 and have since enchanted cigar smokers across the globe. Measuring 5 inches in length with a ring gauge of 40, they are an ideal option for beginners. General Cigar Company, one of the largest cigar manufacturer in the world, produces these flavorsome cigars and sells them cartons containing 25 pieces.

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  • A nice cigar for daily smoke.
About Brand CIgar

⊗ They say some things never change and that axiom rings very true with Horvath cigars. In many ways, stepping into our factory is like stepping back in time. Our production process has changed very little since the first Horvath cigars were made in 1932. Tobacco is still aged and cured the way it always has been. The stripping of the stems remains the same as ever. The humidification process has not changed at all. And the cigar-making machines are themselves almost 100 years old. While the industry we helped create continues to evolve, the Horvath process and commitment to quality remain stubbornly the same.

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