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  • Omar Ortez Maduro Robusto, in boxes of 20, features an aged, robust blend of Nicaraguan and Panamanian long-filler tobaccos, a peppery Mexican binder, and a dark and rich Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. This big cigar is full-bodied, affordable, and loaded with deep earthy flavors that are simply out of this world!
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⊗ Omar Ortez Originals Maduro Robusto is the much-anticipated follow-up cigar to the 90-rated natural version. For those who may not know, Omar Ortez has been in the cigar business for decades, finally starting his own factory, Agroindustrial Nicaraguanese de Tabaco, in 1995, where he personally oversees every aspect of the cigar making process. He has been known for such projects as Exile, Warlock, and Don Diego Fuerte, and ended up taking the cigar world by storm with the release of the budget release and signature stick, Omar Ortez Originals. After an astoundingly positive response, along with widespread requests for a Maduro version, Ortez finally pulled through. This amazing cigar consists of an all-Nicaraguan blend—filler, binder, and wrapper(in this case Nicaraguan Maduro). The tobaccos are extensively aged and blended with unmatched precision to produce a final product that is nothing short of amazing.

Summary Cigar

The powerhouse value of the year.

The follow-up to the 90-rated Omar Ortez Originals is here, Honduran Maduro. Instead of going the puro route, this time you’ll find a diverse, multi-country array of tobaccos for a full-bodied, complex cigar. The core is composed of bold Nicaraguan and Panamanian long-fillers, secured within a feisty Mexican binder. Hugging this stout core in place, a dark and oily Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. The profile is strong yet balanced, as a dense series of rich tobacco, toasted oak, and hearty spices shine through the highly satisfying bouquet. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it sho’ is good.

About Brand CIgar

⊗ The tremendously talented cigar master Omar Ortez makes his premium handmade cigars on his farm in Nicaragua just north of Estelí. His lineup consists of two blends, The Original, a Nicaraguan puro with Dark ligero fillers that offer a bold, spicy flavor and his luscious maduro with a peppery Mexican binder, and a dark and rich Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. Both of these wonderful blends will entice your palate with a deep rich and satisfying smoke.

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