Borkum Riff Authentic 50g

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  • Borkum Riff

The Borkum Riff Authentic recipe consists of black cavendish, flue-cured Virginia, and burley tobacco. The tobaccos are blended and warm pressed into plates. After resting, the plates are cut into flakes and rubbed

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  • It’s dry clean and steady burning with no bite despite having some virginia taste notes and produces a good volume of textural smoke.




  • Easy to use honest tobacco which some will truly enjoy.


Borkum Riff is one of the best-selling pipe tobacco brands. Holding a strong position in our mainstream portfolio, Borkum Riff is available in more than 50 markets worldwide and is one of the world’s most widely distributed pipe tobacco brands. A strong brand in the US for more than 30 years, Borkum Riff is also strongly positioned in numerous markets in Europe and Asia. Borkum Riff carries a Scandinavian blend and has a broad number of variants


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